Welcome to Religion of Freedom

My name is brother Luca Zanna and I am the founder of the Religion of Freedom.
If you come here in peace, and you are willing to respect my individual Rights,
I welcome you, otherwise I politely invite you to stay the hell out of me 🙂 !

This Religious belief is protected by the First and Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. We don’t need stinking permits or government 501 c exemptions…
so we can bitch and say whatever we damn please and the IRS may rott in hell.

The religion of Freedom is based on the sacred principle to respect each other individual religions, each other rights,
among those life, liberty and property.

religion-of-freedom-luca-zannaHere are our basic principles:

1) Everybody can believe in whatever, whoever they want. We welcome even atheists.
Only exceptions: religions based on violence and forced conversion are not welcome.

2) Among us we have no high priests, preachers, popes, prophets, etc…
We don’t preach to each others.
We are just human beings, brothers and sisters, united by the love for Freedom, trying to help each other in our search for the truth, being nice to each other,
leading with our example.

3) We do not judge others… that’s God’s job, if you believe in God, otherwise we leave this task to the judicial system.

4) We do not accept money or donations. Money in religion are the seeds of evil.
But you can send us donations in wine/beer vouchers, ammo boxes or similar and we will remind you in our daily prayers.

I’d like to welcome everybody to this unorganized spontaneous religion, but with just few exceptions: Phony Liberals, Neocons, Obamanoids, Bushoids, War mongers,
Control Freaks
, Antigun rights feel good sheeps, Commies/Socialists/Fascists, Collectivists, Government “Whoreshippers”, and similar…
YOU ARE NOT WELCOME, may the mercy of the Lord and our Creator forgive your sins… and keep your smelly bodies away from me, as far as possible.

Here the reasons, why, you are not welcome…
First, I am not here to convert you to sanity. I am not a saint, I am just another sinner, and my life is too short to try in such almost impossible task.

Second, your principles of collectivism or statism are exactly opposite to our principles of individualism and individual rights.

So for respect of each other’s, and for civilty, let’s just stay the hell away from each other.

Here is part of my Manifesto of the Religion of Freedom:

1) I Believe in ……….. (fill the dots for your own God) and if you believe in something else, just write it down .
(example mine is Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit)

2) I believe in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And all human beings are unique and different from each other, but all have the same inalienable rights and all should be treated with equal respect.

3) I believe that people should be able to choose every religion or personal belief that respects other people’s rights and personal beliefs.

4) I believe in not forcing my belief on others. I will not judge others and I will spread my message leading by example. That equals to: “do not being a pompous prick pain in the ass”.

5) I believe that humans are corruptible and during history they have been using religion as instrument of power and control. Therefore among men I have no prophets, no popes, no high priests or other mediators between me and my God.

6) I believe that money when mixed with God are seeds of evil.
The religion of freedom does not accept donations in money… just wine and ammo.

7) I believe in peace and not violence, but I also believe that life, liberty and innocents should be protected with every mean.
(This is a personal choice to decide if surrender to evil or fight it back).

8) I believe that Government is not my god.
Therefore Government does not own my body or soul. So, I should be able to eat, drink and smoke whatever I can afford, always with the respect of other people’s rights and safety.

9) I believe that the laws of men are subordinated to the laws of God, if the laws of God do not infringe on the rights of others. So I don’t want to hear crap about I have to wear seatbelts or helmet… it is my body, I am not endangering others… if you have a problem, just screw off.

10) I believe in the principle that I can do whatever my God tells me until I do infringe on other people’s rights.